"Treatment originates outside you;
 healing comes from within."

Comments about our healing therapies and massages in Cusco

Rebecca McAuley  
Kinesiologist from Melbourne

I would highly recommend to anyone a treatment with Druva. I had a massage and reiki combined session and felt beautifully relaxed afterwards. He is a natural healer and gives of his love and energy unconditionally.. Druva, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for the warmth and hospitality that you showed me during my stay at Ecotruly Eco Village. You are a truly amazing soul and I feel blessed to have met you. You immediately made me feel at ease - when I was new to a strange place. I have many fond memories from my stay at Eco truly and learn so much from you. Hopefully I can return someday. Druva, I wish you well.. !

Deborah McNicholas  
Yoga Instructor
Hi Druva, I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your massage. It was truly an amazing experience. You made me feel totally relaxed and very comfortable during the massage and I came away feeling energized and really comfortable in my skin. This was one of the best holistic treatments I've ever experienced and I'll definitely be recommending this to friends and fellow travelers. I wish you all the best and do stay in touch, Love
Deborah, UK


Tiffany Corbell
United States

Druva, you are a true angel. I entered your studio a complete mess but after your amazingly powerful reiki and chakra balancing session I left feeling reborn, reconnected with my true self and feeling incredibly light and balanced. I cant thank you enough. You are blessed with an incredible talent and I can not wait t ...o return for another session. Gracias amigo!!!! :)
Namaste. ---


Ava Irani "Yoga and meditation teacher"
Ontario, Canada

"Druva is an amazing healing practitioner. You can tell that the massage is coming purely from his desire to help and heal. He is skilled in so many ways and a truly integrated person which makes for an amazing experience. I would love to go again!"



Sarah Melbourne  

I visited Cusco to trek the Inca trail. I arrived a few days earlier and spent my time wandering around the beautiful streets and breathing in the mountain air. On every street corner women were handing out leaflets advertising massages, some ridiculously cheap. I didn't indulge in a massage at this time as I thought this treat would be better enjoyed on my return from the trek through the Andes. Sure enough, a week later, after trekking 45k through the Andes, my body was crying out for a massage. A friend of mine had previously visited Peru and had given me the name and number of Druva. On her recommendation, I decided to visit Druva and get my massage with him.

Druva was slightly more expensive than some of the very cheap deals being canvassed on the street corners, but from speaking to other travelers, and from my own experience, i am very glad I paid the extra money. I had an hours massage with Druva. Before the massage he asked whether I had any particular areas that were causing problems. Unfortunately I have had lower back pain for some time and also suffer from very knotted shoulders. Druva worked on me for an hour. The results were fantastic. I could feel him locate each knot and work it out. He was thorough and firm, just what I needed. After the massage, Druva, helped me stretch. We had already discussed how I liked my massages, I'm not one for a light handed touch. i said I wanted a deep tissue massage and this is what I got, although I'm sure Druva could apply a light touch too, if this is what I wanted. The only drawback of my massage is that I had it at the center, next time, I would take advantage of the call out service - that way I could remain in my lovely state of relaxation without having to trudge back up the hill to my hotel!


Laura Christie
from England

Thank you so much for a great yoga class and a an amazing massage! It was the perfect preparation for a five day trek to Machu Pichu. I would definitely recommend this place.

Morgan Florea (California - EEUU)

Druva, you are an amazing healer! Your massages and energy work are some of the best I have ever had :) I thoroughly enjoyed my healing visit to Holistic Healing Cusco. I highly recommend visiting this amazing center to anyone in the area!


Orpheo H. Cassady  

I met Druva in the Eco Truly Park near Lima. I immediately felt comfortable with him, and soon discover that he was also very interesting to talk with. He did a reiki session to me and it was an amazing experience. I felt good about myself and the present, somehow spiritually risen. I would probably never forget it :) Im really glad I met such a wonderful spirit as Druva and hope our path will cross again at some point. Cheers my friend.


Brian H.
from Canada  

Hi Druva,
Thanks again for the reiki treatment in Cusco ! It was a wonderful experience and helped me restore and readjust energy imbalances within my body. The feeling of tranquility that follows a reiki treatment is what continues to bring me back to this therapy. I also really enjoyed the sound therapy experience; it seemed like the most appropriate way to end the reiki session!
Thanks again,


Kira Rutherford-Boese
New York - United States

Hello!  I am finally settled back in the States.  I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the experience I had with you.  The massage was just perfect, and a great way to relax before heading off to the Inca Trail.  I had never had my aura cleansed before, and I found it to be a great way to connect with myself.  Thank you again - I will recommend your work to anyone who is going to Cusco!

Nicole Doone
California - United States
That was so fantastically amazing and wonderful that I felt the need to write you right away. That is, before I get on an overnight bus and head into the dark jungle. I have no problem telling you that it was practically orgasmic.  Your touch was exactly what I needed. I feel so relaxed and back in my skin after such a long journey. I heard myself telling myself yesterday that I was ready to go home. Your session today slowed my mind and spirit and reminded me how fortunate I am to be in this magical place with a bit more to come. I thank you and the universe for our connection today.  Life is beautiful. All my gratitude,
Michaela G
Dear Druva,

I am so grateful for your help and the evening last night.
 I know you said you are just a tool, but you were truly send by god. I am feeling blessed to have met you.

I feel so much better with my feet on the ground. I had a wonderful day exploring the city and will leave for Machu Picchu tomorrow morning.
Wishing you all the best and if I dont see you have a wonderful time traveling and exploring
with deep gratitude and love
Gracias infinitas Druva, por la conversación, por tus consejos y por la experiencia increíble de la alineación de chakras y limpieza de aura, se siente algo tan especial como cuando cantaste el mantra de purificación cerca de mi cabeza, ahi sentí ó recordé sonidos conocidos de otros tiempos y como cuando sin saber sentí el fuerte calor de la energía que me enviabas con tus manos en el chakras del plexo ... experiencia buenísima y sanadora que se los recomiendo a todos. Namasté mi querido Druva.

Gladys (Lima-Peru)


Hola Druva, te animo que sigas con tus terapias, tengo muchos problemas de contracturas en la espalda y me  siento muy bien después de tu masaje. A parte de quitarme la contractura, me sentí super relajada, es una sensación fantástica. Desde aquí recomiendo a todo el mundo que lo pruebe y siga el tratamiento más adecuado. Gracias por aparecer en mi camino.
Un abrazo,

Yolanda Vazquez Armada.(España)


Gracias Druva por la sesión de masaje tailandes que me diste, me sentí muy aliviado; recomendare tus servicios a mis amig@s !!!! Un abrazo .  
Gefry (Colombia)


Gracias Druva, me encanto tu trabajo. Eres muy profesional en lo que haces, te das cuenta de lo que necesita tu paciente, muy bien el masaje tailandés, me quito todos los dolores que tenia :)

Cindi Lópes (Ecuador)

Definitivamente me gustaron muchos tus masajes Druva ,.. me alivio el dolor que tenia en la espalda,
Saludos desde Lima... Suerte en todo.

Natalia Elejalde Farfan (Lima - Peru)


Muchas Gracias.... Querido Druva,
estoy muy agradecida, es la segunda terapia que me haces y termino muy bien me quitaste la migraña en la primera y ahora el dolor en la ciática.
Krishna Murthy d.d.(Perú)


"Sonido terapia"
por el Maestro Druva de HolisticHealing Cusco Paramatma !
Mi experiencia para ustedes...cuidado, no es una historia, no es una película con efectos sobrenaturales !!!
¡Atención! Esto no debe ser tomado a la ligera... no tengas miedo de dejarte ir en un largo viaje en el que los límites, las fronteras y la falta de originalidad no es parte del proceso!
Usted se reunirá con los paisajes, los animales que se mueven al ritmo de la música que proviene de los instrumentos de todos los horizontes...
Para aprovechar la oportunidad de conocer a esas sensaciones, no lo dudes! ¡pruébalo!
Palabras de un francés

Vincent Bellina (Francia)


Hey Druva! Cómo va la vida de vuelta en Perú? muchas gracias por todo el apoyo acá, y también por presentarme a tu maestro :) abrazos llenos de luz!

Carla Flor (Ecuador)  


Hola Druva, hermoso conocerte =) mil gracias por toda esa buena energía, la sesión de reiki y alineación de chakras fue excelente, me siento genial, pero más allá... gracias por compartir esa visión de vida, me quedo con una paz increíble con muchas ganas de cambiar hábitos y con la enorme alegría de compartir contigo =) ¡Espero coincidir de nuevo contigo en el camino! un enorme abrazo.

Lila  (México)


La sonido terapia esta muy recomendada!

Ivone Carolina (Colombia)  


Gracias Druva por el viaje con la Nidra Yoga. lo disfruté mucho y que muuuchas personas tengan la vivencia de tu voz tranquila :).

Märri Schärri (Germany)


lo dijo y lo repito: no tengo palabras para agradecerte esos excelentes masajes, druva, me dejaste NUEVA... sabés exactamente lo que hacés, cómo y dónde tocar, dónde estirar... y además se siente esa energía hermosa, que forma parte de todo el ritual, de ley. impecable. tengo que verte de nuevo, ALTAMENTE RECOMENDADO! ♥

Bere (Argentina)


Amigo al enterarme que te vas te envió todo mi profundo cariño y amistad, que muchas personitas te encuentren para que tu siendo el instrumento del Señor puedas ayudarlos, con tu sabiduría. Tu energía en el reiki en verdad ayuda a armonizar muchas gracias por todo :)

Monica Gisell (Ecuador)

Como esta hermano muchas gracias por ese masaje me salvaste el hombro un abrazo y a ver si hacemos otro masaje me avisas graciass muchas bendiciones pa su camino

Geovanny Camacho (Ecuador)

Hola Druva. Muchísimas gracias por el masaje que me diste. Sentí muy bien contigo y me alivió mucho del dolor y la tensión en la espalda que tenia. Se lo recomendaría a todos. Abrazos!!
Bridgette (Oregon -EEUU)  


Hola Druva! te agradezco mucho por lo que compartimos hoy, me sentí muy bien con la terapia de sanación (reiki y alineación de chakras).. la recomiendo totalmente.. gracias por el conocimiento impartido también.. te mando un abrazo enorme... canta y sé feliz ;)

Daniela Morales (Quito - Ecuador)


hola druva!!
te mando un abrazo enorme
muchas gracias por la excelente masaje
la cual me ayudo demasiado para aliviar el enorme dolor
que solo sus manos mágicas lograron aliviar
nos estamos viendo muy pronto

Aura Paloma ( Chile)  


Druva muchas gracias por la terapia de masaje, la verdad fue una experiencia increíble, lo que siento es una absoluta relajación y paz interior, definitivamente vale la pena, recomendable 100%

Juan Francisco Alvarez  (Quito - Ecuador)


El maisaje Tailandés que da druva es muy recomendado para relajarte y quitar cualquier dolor muscular.

Cindy López (Quito -Ecuador)

Hola Durva, te animo que sigas con tus terapias, tengo muchos problemas de contracturas en la espalda y me siento muy bien después de tu masaje. A parte de quitarme la contractura, me sentí super relajada, es una sensación fantástica. Desde aquí recomiendo a todo el mundo que lo pruebe y siga el tratamiento más adecuado. Gracias por aparecer en mi camino.
Un abrazo,

Yolanda Vazquez Armada (España)
5 of 5 starsReviewed February 21, 2015 NEW

I was in Cusco for a few days over a couple of weeks and booked a few sessions with Dhruva. The massages are the best I have had - expertly given. We also tried some sound healing (the tuning forks are AMAZING - I highly recommend giving this a go). The way they resonate with your body makes you feel great afterwards. Dhruva is a totally authentic practitioner with a beautifully calm energy. Highly recommended if you are looking for the best experience.

Visited February 2015
Los Angeles, California

5 of 5 stars Reviewed February 17, 2015

My experience with Druva was exactly the beautiful, peaceful all around lovely combination of spirit lifting conversation and energy work that I was looking for in a craniosacral experience. I'll definitely be visiting again next time I'm in Cusco. Highly recommended.

Lima, Peru
5 of 5 stars Reviewed January 19, 2015

Hi all

on my 33th birthday I decided to do something different: A really spiritual experience in order to re-discover myself . I found Paramatma on this site and I contacted Druva . He is amazing . We planned the healing therapies we would do for weeks. Once I arrived to Cusco we had 2 meetings and through long talkings, reiki and other therapies I was able to discover the reasons of the emptiness feeling I had. From that I've being able to be more open to life . Wonderful things have happened and I am happier than after . So if you go to Cusco, you should go to Paramatma and know this amazing center I highly recommend.

Mancora, Peru
Reviewed November 30, 2014

My experience with the team from Paramatma Holistic Healing was a trip to the beautiful spot they have in The Sacred Valley for a New Years retreat of sorts. It was a fascinatingly wonderful combination of interaction with a variety of people from all over the world and a chance to be in touch with oneself in beautiful, quiet surroundings. A beautiful experience made possible by beautiful people.

Visited December 2013
Los Angeles, California
5 of 5 stars Reviewed November 23, 2014

Druva is an attuned and intuitive therapist.

I've had long term chronic back pain, radiating throughout my back and a recent injury less than a month old. I actually received a massage in Belize last week and it was quite evident the difference. Druva was able to access panels of muscle in such a way that I simply have not experienced except from practitioners who I have been with who have a couple dozen years of practice.

He is respectful and very comfortable to receive treatment from which is very important as a female client. After your trek, do yourself a favor and ring on him while you're in Cusco (or anytime).

Visited November 2014
Edinburgh, United Kingdom

5 of 5 stars Reviewed November 18, 2014

After trecking Salkantay and Choqueqerau, I thought I'd treat myself to a wee massage. After a bit of hunting around I got in touch with Dhruva at Paramatma. He recommended the yoga-Thai massage and so I went for it. Having had numerous massages in different parts of the globe, I can honestly say that this was one of the best, if not thee best! Dhruva speaks fluent English too, so communication was never an issue. Highly recommended and very reasonable priced!

Visited August 2014
Byron Bay, Australia

5 of 5 stars Reviewed November 14, 2014

I highly recommend a massage treatment with Druva ... he goes out of his way to meet you in the main plaza of cusco and accompany you to his place ... he has a truly healing nurturing touch ... I left feeling light as a feather happy and relaxed and floated all the way back to my hostal for the deepest night's sleep I'd had since I arrived in Peru ... :)

Visited July 2014
Miami Beach, Florida
5 of 5 stars Reviewed October 3, 2014

Dhruva is skilled at many energetic healing modalities... you will receive the best treatment for your mind/body/spirit. :)


Truckee, California, United States
1 review
5 of 5 stars Reviewed September 18, 2014 NEW

A few years ago I was staying in Cusco traveling solo and was in very strong need of some energy work. I didn't know who to go to as I was new to the area but I knew the corner massage girls were not for me. I immediately sensed that Druva was a healer and super talented as soon as I walked into his studio. His calmness and caring personality comforted me before he even started working on me. The reiki and chakra balancing session was the medicine my mind, body and soul needed. After working through an emotional session I left feeling reborn, balanced and happy. I love Peru and go back every year and when I am in Cusco I always make a huge effort to see Druva! Even if I do not have time for a therapy session I love spending time with him as he is an amazing soul. He is a true healer and you can feel this when you meet him. Go see for yourself you will not regret it!

Paris, France
Senior Reviewer
5 of 5 stars Reviewed September 10, 2014 NEW

I was in need of a massage in cusco and was not tempted by all the massage center they mention in the streets. I did my research and contacted by email Durva for a massage on the following day. The response was really fast and kind and we agreed on a time for the massage. The place is nice and clean and very warm. The scented oils smell amazing and what a massage! Very professional and it did me a lot of good. I can only recommend the place!

Visited September 2014
Radford, Virginia

5 of 5 stars Reviewed September 7, 2014 NEW

i visited Peru and Cuzco few years ago (2011) and I feel very fortunate that I could meet Druva there. We spent some time together, he was extremely welcoming and kind. I decided to receive a "treatment" from him : he worked on rebalancing my energies and that was amazing. I experienced deep and powerful sensations and had a lot of visions that still are present (and helpful) in my mind. it's been a profound experience. Definitely Druva is a great healer ... but he is also a very spiritual man, he is inspired and inspiring and if you have the chance to meet him, it will be for the best. Enjoy!

Visited September 2014
5 of 5 stars Reviewed September 1, 2014

I came across Druva through a friend who couldn't praise his generosity & amazing massages enough! After often hectic days traveling through Peru it was just what I needed. Druva is extremely passionate & knowledgeable in all things healing, environmental & soulful. The full body massage was professional & set in a beautiful setting looking over Cuzco complete with tranquil sounds & smells to delight the senses. Druva went above & beyond inviting us to a local festival & setting us up with accommodation through his couch surfing friends. I HIGHLY recommended a visit for anyone in Cuzco!!

Visited October 2013

Aarau, Aargau, Switzerland
5 of 5 stars Reviewed August 30, 2014

I met Druva and his beautiful friends unexpectedly in Cusco and was attracted to the spiritual life they live and the love they show the world. As I said before, it was unexpected, I never planned to stay in Cusco for more than a couple of weeks but once I had experienced the purity and energy that transfers when living among them I did not want to leave.When I returned from a trek and felt like not wanting to move my body for days, I received the most healing full body massage and discovered my refreshed body very soon after. Also my struggles with the altitude vanished through the healing hands and cranio sacral treatment. Many other unforgettable moments that gave me support and reassurance on my path and left me feeling in peace. It truly is worth a visit, weather you have an apparent ailment or just open to receive love or seek spiritual guidance.
I can only express my appreciation and wish you a beautiful experience at paramantma healing!
Love and light
Nadine Hirzel

Visited September 2013
Berlin, Germany

5 of 5 stars Reviewed August 25, 2014 NEW

I was fortunate to meet Druva during my travels through Peru in 2013. I received several powerful therapies, which showed incredible effects. He is a very special and talented person. I also got in contact with his beautiful friends and ended up staying a lot longer in Cuzco than planned. I am so grateful for all my experiences and highly recommend spending some time with Druva may it be for therapies or spiritual advice.

Visited July 2014

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5 of 5 stars Reviewed August 24, 2014 NEW

My experience with Druva made Cusco one of my favourite places to be. He's one of the most genuine, reliable, calm & thoughtful souls I know. & his massages should be on the cards for all travellers & trekkers. Give your mind & body a holiday & got get one!

Visited September 2013
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5 of 5 stars Reviewed August 15, 2014

I spent almost a day with Druva at his studio in cusco. It was a very special and powerful day for me. I entered the studio with few expectations other than I would perhaps have a massage and left feeling truly incredible. The day consisted of a full body deep tissue massage which was wonderful, followed by Craneosacral therapy and then sound healing therapy. Each therapy was different and have a profound effect on my mental and spiritual well being. I left the studio feeling light and energetic and most of all very connected. You must visit whilst in cusco Druva is a very special person.

Visited July 2014
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Singapore, Singapore
5 of 5 stars Reviewed August 14, 2014

I hardly give reviews, but I'm going to give one now. My body was in the dumps, having come down with a flu and my muscles were sore and aching. I just had a deep tissue massage with Druva and I'm a new person now. All my energy has returned after just one session. I'm quite a massage junkie and am fussy, but this had exceeded my expectations. Sure it's more expensive, but it's worth every cent!

Visited August 2014
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Miami Beach, Florida
1 review

5 of 5 stars Reviewed August 3, 2014

I could't be more thankful to Druva and his Paramatma Holistic Healing. I had been to Cusco several other times to visit the historical legacy, but this time my trip had a more spiritual direction.
I was looking for soul-lifting fulfilling experiences.
I found The Paratma by accident walking towards the top of the mountain, I knocked the door and Druva was very nice to give us a same day appointment, we only had other day left in town and he kindly took us that same day.
Our experience there was the most welcoming and peaceful, with Druva's kind words of wisdom about simple things that we don't notice in our daily life but that can make a big difference.
We had a guided meditation that day, the experience in itself was magical, the healing effects of it were life changing and also I could notice for several days after how by being in touch with myself I could materialize any thought and how all my thoughts were happy and made me feel love for nature, for my family for any simple thing.
Words can't describe the richness of this experience, and I am sure everyone is looking for different things but with Druva's guidance I am sure your soul will find that exact thing that is needed and the feeling of completeness is beyond compare to anything of this world.
Do not miss, it is a great gift to yourself.

Visited December 2013
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Cusco, Peru
5 of 5 stars Reviewed August 3, 2014

Druva took myself my sister and a friend in to stay with him in Cusco for a total of about 10 days i think and it was an amazing experience to say the least. When we returned from the Salkantay Trek he gave all of us full body massages which were absolutely phenomenal :D After my sister and friend departed he looked after me allowing me the privilege of chanting with him in his temple and taking me to a celebration of pacha mama. i wish i could have stayed longer with this kind humble man but i had to continue my travels. i could not speak highly enough of my time with Druva and Paramatma Holistic Healing. I hope to see you again soon my friend.
Peace and Love!

Visited September 2013
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Lyon, France

5 of 5 stars Reviewed July 29, 2014

I have experimented a few sessions with Druva and they were all great inner adventures. May you want your way as well within his universe and compassion.

Visited August 2013

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Melbourne, Australia
5 of 5 stars Reviewed July 29, 2014

My experiences with "Paramatma Holistic Healing" was wonderful.
On arrival in Cusco I emailed to enquire on receiving a treatment at the studio in town.
I was given a very prompt and warm reply offering me a appointment that same morning. I received the best massage I have and very long time and a very beautiful Reiki treatment.
The following day I joined the " Paramatma Holistic Healing" team on a Yoga retreat in the Sacred Valley. The retreat was very informative, diverse and for me also very beneficial.
I felt the 2 days spent at the Retreat were excellent value for money. We were also feed very well with delicious Vegetarian cuisine :-)
I would highly recommend and encourage anyone to share a experience with Paramatma Holistic Healing.

Visited July 2014
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Bern, Switzerland
5 of 5 stars Reviewed July 29, 2014

the massage i received from pramatma holistic healing was just wonderful. druva is an excellent therapist he himself and the atmosphare was very peacful and warm. in a place (like cusco) where there are maybe 100 therapists offerings their massage service, pramatma holistic healing is the professional, enriching one to pick. it was one of the highlights of my stay in cusco and one of the best massages i've ever had so far!

Visited November 2013
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Melbourne, Australia
5 of 5 stars Reviewed July 27, 2014

I highly recommend Druvas, healing services. He is kind, humble and sincere in his service. I have received a number of healing sessions throughout my life, and the reiki session I experienced with Druva was definitely one of the most powerful and expansive I have received.

Visited July 2014
London, England, United Kingdom
5 of 5 stars Reviewed July 26, 2014

My friend and I were travelling around Peru and came into contact with Druva (Paramatma Holistic Healing) through searching for a yoga retreat in the area of Cusco. He was immediately really helpful and generous, and we organised the weekend retreat as soon as we first contacted him. The weekend was beautiful- well thought out, a mixture of meditation, yoga, activities and amazing vegan food. I shall never forget the music meditation workshop- through story and musical accompaniment he led us into a rich, magical, dreamworld. Very relaxing and healing. I highly recommend Paramatma Holistic Healing- professional, heartfelt and intuitive.

Visited November 2013
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Cusco, Cusco, Peru
5 of 5 stars Reviewed July 24, 2014

I live in Cusco and suffer from scoliosis. I had been to many "massage studios" some of which were OK but many of which were terrible which is why I was so happy to find Druva at Paramatma Holistic Healing. The first massage that I got was almost like reiki in that it released blocks and I could see the movement of energy. It was incredible. That was about a year and a half ago and since then I try to go at least once a month and I have never been let down. I recommend their deep tissue massages to all of my friends here and now to the general public. They are well worth it.

Visited July 2014

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sete marias
5 of 5 stars Reviewed August 25, 2014 NEW

Normalmente tenho muita tensão muscular, e encontrei o Paramatma Holistic Healing que me ajudou bastante a desfazer minhas tensões e ficar mais relaxada. Quando recebi a massagem tailandesa entrei em um transes profunda que podia sentir todo meu corpo se liberando.
Super massagem, super healing, agradeço muito por essa cura.
Recomendo Paramatma Holistic Healing .

Visited November 2013
Cusco, Cusco, Peru
5 of 5 stars Reviewed August 14, 2014

fui a hacerme un masaje hace un mes , solia tener un dolor agudo en el hombro izquierdo y con dos sesiones se me fue todo el dolor ,queria comentarlo porque pase con este dolor por mucho tiempo y me hize algunos tratamientos y nunca se me fue , asi que queria agradecerte druva por aliviarme algunos dolores que tuve . asi que recomiendo a cualquiera que venga a cusco y tenga algun problema visiten a druva en paramatma holistin healing

Visited May 2014
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5 of 5 stars Reviewed August 3, 2014

Estuve viviendo unos meses en Perú y tuve la dicha de conocer a Druva, es un ser de mucha luz, entregado al servicio. Recibí una sesión de masaje con el y fue muy sanadora. Druva es también un excelente músico-terapista, fui muy afortunada de poder conocerlo y compartir con el, siempre dispuesto a compartir su conocimiento con los demás. Si quieres tener una experiencia de paz, conexión y sanación contacta con Paramatma Sanación Holística. Lo recomiendo 100%

I lived a few months in Peru and had the joy of knowing Druva, is a lighthouse, dedicated to service. I received a massage session with him and it was very healing. Druva is also an excellent music-therapist, I was very fortunate to be able spend some time with him, he is always willing to share his knowledge with others. If you want to have an experience of peace, connection and healing contact Paramatma Sanación Holística. I recommend it 100%

Visited September 2013
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Lima, Peru
Senior Reviewer
5 of 5 stars Reviewed July 25, 2014

Creo que el título de este post resume al 100% mi experiencia con Paramatma Holistic Healing. Llegue a ellos buscando información en la web sobre terapias Holisticas y encontré mucho más que eso. Gracias a Druva mi vida giro 360 grados, hoy me siento una persona distinta y renovada. Hoy veo los problemas desde otra perspectiva. Druva me ayudó a cambiar mi estilo de vida, más hábitos alimenticios y me transmitió en cada terapia una energía increíble que me ayudó a aliviar el estrés y la ansiedad. Lo recomiendo muchisimo, sin duda alguna cada terapia resulta una experiencia magnífica y enriquecedora.

Visited November 2013

Lima, Peru
5 of 5 stars Reviewed August 30, 2014 NEW

Tome una terapia en Paramatma en junio 2014. Después de unos meses puedo decir que fue de gran ayuda, solté cargas del pasado, deje ir miedos sin sentido y ahora de pronto todo ha empezado a encajar! Gracias! Muy recomendable.


Lima, Lima, Peru
5 of 5 stars Reviewed September 13, 2014 NEW

Hace poco fui a visitar a Paramatma Holistic Healing y tuve una terapia Craneo-Sacral de la cual fue una sesión divina e increible que sentí en mi ser mucha paz ,tranquilidad que salió una carga pesada que tenia de mi pasado como emociones, resentimientos y dolor Gracias Amigo Druva discúlpame pero debo mencionarte porque eres un ser de Luz que mediante tu persona Dios entró en mi con mucha fuerza y amor, te agradezco inmensamente toda la vida por tus enseñanzas cuando lo requerí y por compartir tus conocimientos con mi persona siempre estuviste en mis momentos difíciles me escuchabas y eso no lo olvidare ahora me siento muy bien y diferente por ello recomiendo a muchos de uds. que tengan esa oportunidad de realizarse las terapias según las necesite. Muchas Gracias Druva. Hare Krisna.

Visited September 2014