"Treatment originates outside you;
 healing comes from within."

Welcome to Our Energy Healing, Alternative Therapies Massage & Yoga Studio in Cusco

Holistic-Therapist.jpgWhen we realize the connection between body and mind, we can begin our journey towards wholeness and live authentically, in harmony with our true self and reach our full potential.
Paramatma Holistic Healing considers the human being as a whole taking into account all aspects of people's needs including psychological, physical, spiritual and social. Recover your natural state of well-being at all levels.
Dhruva, holistic therapist has lived in ashrams of bhakti yoga for 10 years, in the service of universal love.

"From the first visit I knew that the massages that I received from the Paramatma Cusco Holistic Healing center were special.
I have suffered from scoliosis coupled with chronic tension in my neck and shoulders in addition to bouts of lower back pain for most of my life. Not only did that massage help to ease the tension but was so filled with an outpouring of beautiful energy from Dhruva that it was a reiki-like experience where I saw colors and energy moving through me. It was the best massage that I had ever had and now try to go twice a month for massages at the center. I have recommended it to all who I know here in Cusco and am happy to be able to recommend it to everyone.

Dhruva is truly a special person with an amazing energy who genuinely wants to help people, all of which I feel to be essential for any true healer."

Mandy Kalitis

Paramatma Holistic Healing - Cusco

Restorative Packages

Restorative Packages Cusco.png

Get the most out of your Cusco experience with a restorative and revitalizing package.

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Reiki - Accessing the Energy of  the Andes


Have you ever experienced a queasy feeling in your stomach when you are nervous? How about a lump in your throat when you are feeling negative emotions...

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Craniosacral Therapy - Reconnection


Cranio-sacral Therapy is a subtle and profound therapy which informs and assists the body’s natural capacity to self-correct.

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Chakra Balancing


This treatment uses a combination of Tuning Forks, Tibetan Bowls, Voice, Didgeridoo, Flutes, Reiki and Guided Meditation to balance all of the chakras. When all of the chakras are in alignment your whole system functions more in tune with nature and Spirit.

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Best Massage in Cusco


Treat yourself to a massage with our experienced massage therapist here in Cusco.

"I will be able to help you discover the type of massage that benefits you the most."

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Try Our Different Massage Techniques


Whether you spend 4 rigorous days on the Inka Trail to Machu Picchu, hike to the ruins of Saccsaywaman, or spend your days roaming the streets of Cusco, your body is bound to feel stress from ....

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Nice Room for Rent

Spacious and bright

1 separate room for rent in the center of Cusco (San Blas).  With a double bed.
Where all the attractions are on a walking distance, to feel like home, to be more than welcome.
Wi-Fi .

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Yoga Retreats


We offer you the healing matrix of yoga and nature wherein you can enjoy sane company, therapies, workshops, fresh air, solitude and quiet. Our beautiful eco-yoga farm is located in the Sacred Valley of the Incas.

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Volunteer in our Eco Yoga Farm


Beautiful ecological community, artistic and self-sustaining. Here, visitors can experience and learn that it is possible to live happily in harmony with nature and each other.

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Kid's Yoga Teacher Training Course

yk.jpg This 90 hour intensive teacher training offers the required skills to teach Kid's Yoga in both a group and individual setting, and can be....

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