"Treatment originates outside you;
 healing comes from within."

Restorative Packages

Get the most out of your Cusco experience with a restorative and revitalizing package.

Each package includes a massage and energy healing work designed to nurture, heal and relax during your time in Cusco.

Some who come to us prefer a specific therapy, some enjoy the synergistic benefits of certain combinations, and some utilize our services for their ability to promote wellness and prevent disease. Others like to select from our wide variety of different therapies, choosing according to what is most appropriate for their current condition. As such, we offer Wellness Packages to allow you to commit to a series of sessions or mix-and-match as needed.

Your session can be more than 1 hour and can include multiple modalities.
For example:

1 hour massage, reiki and chakra alignment.

1 hour massage, reiki and aura cleansing.

Craniosacral therapy, reiki and chakra alignment.

2 hour massage, craniosacral therapy and chakra alignment.